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today has been an iguana day, my legion. it is slowly, thickly, well... 
21st-May-2011 01:05 pm

Today I rise from camote,
No, I do not want marshmallow
Cream or puffed bons.
With my sweet potatoe
I take it with soy milk
se dice, leche de soya
I am hiding my frailty
and cry baby hands, soft and dried
out by the sun, charcoal.
I am gender confused
soft neutral and aggrivated
charcoal carbon black
face, hands
I am your sambo
NO, I am your black
ASH Indian running you
square in the ground
I am fidget and insecure
aware now of what
the lightning
made clear
this tree hollow is carved
charred burnt
I am getting up from it.
as if in "what was i doing?"
only I am done with this
Come to standing here
in the afternoon.
I ran here earlier hands,
black with char and ash,

black out/white out

sickened memory strain where it is
No- the ad nauseum
I back up feeling nauseus.
vomit in my mouth.
just acid.
feel hot and dry prickly heat
my skin angry
My hair frying in the sun.
Black and brilliant.
my eyes are alight, yet
down some.
gathering my weight, my body
my spring care.

I leave and turn.
I am no more here.
Light burnt this tree.
Sun roasts my brown and fries
my black.
I am settles in insecure insecurities.

I am going to the lake. To swim.
first shade. I am still charcoal
painted. My sin a charred tree and
a different sort of OCD
I am, a strange child.
reasons withstanding
reasons, no doubt
random reason.
a reason withstanding.

You mark me,
You cross me,
I burn you at
my hearth.
You, ash
Me, sweeping.
no more.
out. out. out.

I open window
and let in my
mother. fresh air.
fresh air.
sun breeze
and optimum horizons.
You'd know. but you never met me.
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