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Blue Sky and a Soda pop The hardest part of healing is sitting… 
28th-Mar-2012 01:55 am

Blue Sky and a Soda pop

The hardest part of healing
is sitting with the feelings

so I gotta be real to heal
but honestly it’s a lot to fear

how to be

happy. angry. at the same time

Blue skies I'm reachin for you

pull me up climb out of this
box of shadow mirrors

wanderin' strays bumpin' in to me
and all I wanna do is leave

so what, so what,

how long am I
gonna just sit for this to be

I'm not. I'm scaling these walls
balls to the wall win or lose I'm
shooting high.

kiss my old life goodbye.

raspberry and periwinkle
in the sky;

 is this a sunset
or a sunrise?

It’s been
a while since I let my
spirit look through my eyes.

I’ve been sliding around on ice in this
strange cocoon.

like a butterfly
trying to get loose

and I’m feeling numb
when the sun is shining
cant help but be whining.

how could I just waste these years?
nah, I didn’t waste them.
they wasted me.

now I’m here
and ill be pullin'
myself up by my bootstraps.
start a new life.

Maybe be a wife.
Just kidding, I’m not a girl;
don’t wear my hair in curls.
I'm a guy and a play with colors
paint the world take its textures
and run for color.

Swipe a sunbeam and paint
the world gold.

Sometimes I kick in the mold

Sometimes that’s too much shit to hold

I like to freewheel it

goin for the sky

blue sky

rise high

that’s my alibi

don’t need no pie, I cook my own

one life to own so I’ve been shown

my times on loan

no, I can’t groan

And I’m not a drone

 I'm an artist and a freak

 I’m a mystic on a peak

16th-Apr-2012 06:35 pm (UTC)
I love that this poem rhymes. I tend to prefer poems the rhyme. I really like the upbeat tone of this poem. I is very positive. I like the end very much.
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