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Lady of Auburn 
28th-Mar-2012 01:57 am

Lady Auburn

Serve me some silver

I will not eat it

Deck me in it

I am scales and universal

Red and scaled.

Her scales. Her scales.

Human and red, robed red

What is there to measure?


Her son, has left the dreaming fire.

Red clay. The red dust.

She gazes, sleep, steeped and sheep at the fire

The world dream

She and others, slumber

Awake sleeping

They are watchful, dreaming deep

milky eyed and finding peace in witness

We are breaking the boys

And we are drowning the men

I heard for it to continue

For it to continue


Crushing till bone white

And red rage


Paint white lady’s

Red lips

The memory of red dust

On her cheeks

Warms her

Puts her to sleep

She is endless

Boundless and master of her domain(s)

She bows for no kiss, bows to no one

And turns her cheek inland

A river flows by,


Heralded by sea, bay

With bushels of trees lining the banks

Each night in dowry

Each night in plaintiff

Her orchards, plum, peach ,apple

Climbing roses

Wake her wisterias, grasses,

 long hanging vines

a moment

She is orchid, yellow and stained glass

A dark passenger to this portrait


back turned towards her

her attention’s captivity

the dark man is

head wrapped, stitched and patterned


cowering, he makes motion towards

rotted wood

a boat’s lower levels

a staircase leading into the depths

 of the seas terrible depths

there is no bow

nor stern to the boat

just ocean




Move through space

Cross this vision,

like  large marble columns

And the sort of relief, had

After a fever

When fevered nightmares

Are remembered briefly

And then recede


Faces inland

Having spent time -

Somewhat -  at ease

In doorless doorways

Her Casa recedes

Leaving plains, meadows

Pine forest

The river of afore meets a bank

A dusty white path

Clay and hardened

I wonder,

Does the dark passenger

Emerge the delta shore

Only to follow this pilgrim’s path?

White clay on his feet?

Mountains positioned


With a brotherly mirroring of hills

Lady’s expression

Speaks inland

With her hair, her jawbone,

Her nose and her collarbone

Expectancy, direction, promise, prospect


Flows gold to her



Warming skin

This is her welcome

Lady this Lady,

Lady of Auburn

29th-Mar-2012 12:17 am (UTC) - this is grace owl
This poem was like a mythic adventure through dimensions of dream, spirit, and earth. I felt a lot of goddess spirit moving though it - dark and light.
16th-Apr-2012 06:29 pm (UTC)
Great imagery. I would like to hear this one out loud.
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